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Mecha Drago Zbrush Tutorial Part 1 Available by Zesiul Mecha Drago Zbrush Tutorial Part 1 Available by Zesiul
Hello everyone, Chris here.

So as some of  you may know, over the last many months I've been developing our first feature length educational video. Specifically this one breaks down the Mecha Drago Zbrush  process into a 2 Part, 14 hour, tutorial available on Gumroad. 

Part 1 of this download is the first 6 hours of content. It goes over the in-depth sculpting process of our Drago model and begins the first segment of Hard Surface Modeling. I've just made Part 1 available for purchase at download over on Gumroad for $5. You can view the item here

As of this moment in time the content of this download is still rendering and uploading. Looks like all 3 videos of Part 1 won't be done until sometime tomorrow. However I'll be uploading them as they finish. If you make the purchase now you'll be able to access the other parts of the video process for Part 1 when they become available tomorrow for no extra charge. I'll just add them to the download list, so that you may revisit the page and get them at that time.

Currently the download list consists of-

A 39 Minute Zbrush Interface Tutorial.

All Zbrush Drago files up to Part 2, my Zbrush Configuration and additional Brush Set.

A 2D Turn Around Concept of the Mecha Drago.

Part 1 of the 3 video segments. This first segment of the 6 hour download clocks in at 1 hour and 43 minutes. 

So if you'd like to download it now and watch the first segments of Part 1 you certainly may. If you do, check back on Gumroad tomorrow for the other 2 segments. Part 2 of this 14 hour tutorial will release on October 15th and also be for sale at $5 on Gumroad. That tutorial will be an additional 8 hours and bring you to the finish line on how to create your own Zbrush characters.

Thank you once again for your support. It's been so much fun setting up this tutorial for you all to view. I hope you enjoy.

-Chris Szczesiul, Smashified Co-Lead

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October 2, 2016
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