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Majora's Wrath by Zesiul
Majora's Wrath
So it's almost Halloween! To celebrate the spooky holiday, how about the most bone chilling Zelda boss from the creepiest Zelda title? This guy definitely destroyed some childhoods. 
Armored Crustacean Gohma by Zesiul
Armored Crustacean Gohma
Continuing my Zelda series with a call back to the very original, with slight tweaks of course. 

It should take more than one arrow to defeat the beast this time.
Demon King Malladus by Zesiul
Demon King Malladus
This one is long overdue. It took me quiet awhile to get the modest redesign down. I really wanted to pay homage to the simple original design. Hope you like!
Redraw meme: Ganon by Zesiul
Redraw meme: Ganon
I also thought it might be fun to post this; a comparison of my original Ganon re-design from June of 2012 next to that of my new re-design. I definitely had the first one in mind while painting the pig again. Certain elements I wanted to pull over to the new while others were lost. Which is your favorite? The larger Ganon on the left of the beastly one on the right?

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Reinhold-Hoffmann Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Professional Artist
Heya Chris, your Horsehead is now online as part of Link's Blacklist!…

The complete new gallery will be published on the 30th June instead on the 15th, will your other submission be ready until than?
Zebesian Featured By Owner May 27, 2014
I've heard rumor that we know each other but I don't know if it's true. If the name 'Starshadow' rings any bells then long time no see! If not then I'm sorry for sounding crazy.
ripley4O77 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey dude! One of your artworks has been featured in my group and will remain on the front page for 2 to 3 months at least.

The artwork AND yourself are also featured in a journal in said group!…
Zesiul Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
Thank you, I appreciate that. 
Mythraill Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Student Artist

cool art!!

do you do requests?

Zesiul Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014
You can always leave one if you'd like. Who knows if I'll have time or interest, but maybe!
Mythraill Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Student Artist


im going to post a picture of my new OC Reynard when im done with it, maybe you wanna draw him XD 

cammandude Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
Happy Birthday! Airborne :squee: Party 
ValaSedai Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday! :)
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